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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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is this the turning point in the election cycle? >> this is a turning point but it is clear that obama has moved out of the margin of error in the swing states so it will now be much harder for romney to see a path, a strategic path to victory. >> most voters identify the economy and jobs as the number- one issue. in this poll, all three swing states pennsylvania ohio and florida have a majority of voters choosing the president as their man to lead the charge, something we have not seen before >> notice that he has managed to weather the concern about the economy largely because romney has not convinced people that he will be a preferable alternative. >> presidential campaigns are character tests >> he is a campaign strategist and has worked with both bill and hillary clinton and al gore and he says it is not over yet >> particularly in the age of replacement referee is that we
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see in the nfl, the obama campaign should not be celebrating in the end zone too early. >> after republican nominee mitt romney was seen talking about the 47 percent who do not pay income taxes in a secret recording >> last week for romney will arguably go down as one of the worst week's presidential candidate has had in history, just objectively speaking. when you begin the week and you know it is a difficult week and then you try to trump that with the tax thing >> he says it could be his last chance >> it is to strike down and he has his third swing at the debate but given where the races, he really needs to do something significant to try to realign the race or change it up >> there has been a quick response from the republican side. a super pak funded by billionaire joe rickets will launch a new barrage of
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advertisements starting tomorrow. the $10 million campaign will target americans who voted for the president in 2008 and are not sure who to vote for this year. >> uc regents will pay $1 million of damages over a protest that ended with students being doused with pepper spray. this was the video that sparked outrage and lawsuits. last november uc-davis after a series of warnings police dressed in riot gear used pepper spray on them. >> instead of listening to those protests and taking action that was appropriate, the university essentially duplicate of the errors of other campuses by bringing in riot gear to squelch and suppress a lawful demonstration. >> each student who was braid will receive $30,000 and an
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apology letter from the chancellor. the lawyers will get $250,000 and the aclu will receive $20,000 >> deliver more couple charged in a deadly drug lab explosion has struck a plea deal to avoid likely prison terms. they had faced murder charges for the deaths of 35 year-old paul log on who was fatally burned in the blast at the couple's apartment last year. police say they had been using liquid butane to manufacture hashish oil. for the first time in seven years there is a case of human the west nile virus in san francisco. health officials say the man did not travel outside the bay area recently meaning he was probably infected by a mosquito in the bay area. police are trying to track down five armed robbers who stormed a san leandro safeway. they ordered workers and customers to the floor and stole money from the cash registers.
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whole incident happened in about 40 seconds and no one was hurt >> an alert security guard is being credited with breaking up a heist at facebook. police say they knew exactly what they were after and where to find it. >> the facebook logo has been removed from the company's former headquarters building on page mill road but inside, plenty of gave police descriptions of to get away vehicles. >> property was located inside the second vehicle >> what type of property? >> 49 laptop computers >> police have arrested two suspects, 21 year-old travis talent when year-old brandon simon, both of sunnyvale. simon said police had inside
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knowledge because you worked there >> apparently what we learned was one of the suspects was actually employed by the security form that was actually on sight at the facebook location >> for a company like facebook a loss of even one computer could be huge. it goes far beyond whatever the hardware value of the machine itself >> things that can be stored on a laptop can be customer lists, top-secret information, the price is unlimited >> key is a former san jose cop who owns a private security firm >> it could be thousands of dollars or millions of dollars worth of damage and in silicon valley you have most of the larger companies publicly held and if the information gets out of your shareholders that you cannot protect our property that becomes a very serious issue. >> fortunately they only had the laptops for a few minutes but security did seem to be beefed up today at facebook and a shredding company truck was
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parked outside. facebook did not have any comment >> a young boy shot as he slept in his east oakland home is out of a hospital tonight. joe vasquez shows us it could be a long time before he is truly healed. >> he is recovering from five surgeries and a serious wound to his liver. >> are you back to normal? >> i'm not back to normal but i need to get better >> today, doctors gave the okay for the 11 year-old to return to his home >> when i came back to the house everything i remembered about what that happened that night >> did you get scared? >> yes >> it has been only six days in someone shot him through the walls of his house >> i was sleeping right here and the bullets came right there and
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suddenly i felt a strong pain that was burning and then i saw blood everywhere and i got up and i was running and going crazy, i was crying, my uncle was holding me in the living room and everybody was calling 911 and the ambulance >> what goes through your mind that somebody shot you and they didn't even know you? >> i know, they just shot me and they stopped the car and two people got out and they were shooting >> tonight, what we be thinking? >> on not going to sleep here, i will sleep in my sister's room because no bullets when in her room and i think it is safe there >> police have made no arrests so far. the family plans to move away as soon as they can afford it. >> he was one of the lucky survivors, a bay area native and world renowned skier who walked away from an avalanche. what happened at 22,000 ft. and
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how he tried to save his friends. >> the intensity of the heat wave and the timing of the heat wave of change. details on what is your forecast as we look at another sunny day >> why bay area drivers are,,,,,
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>> the teenage driver who ran
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down a concord man and his daughters to admit he's guilty. he changed his plea today of vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving charges. the april crash killed a man and one of his girls and left his other daughter hurt. rosen faces nearly eight years in prison and he is sentenced next month. he is expected to get the maximum but by what he can only be held until his 21st birthday >> one minute he is reading the bible and the next he is thanking god to be alive. a california extreme snow skier survived a terrifying avalanched on one of the world's tallest mountains. he realizes his friends were not as fortunate. >> i'm probably one of the luckiest people in the world at the moment >> is survived a deadly avalanches. the eighth highest mountain in the world. about two dozen climbers were sleeping in the camp just above 22,000 ft. when disaster hit. he says he was awake in his
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tent reading his bible when you heard a loud roar and snow swept away all the 10th and the people inside them. the avalanche rolled him 1,000 ft. down the mountain. found no one >> you are doing everything you can do because you know your friends' lives depend on your next actions and unfortunately, everything i did for to prove to produce nothing so at that point had to start thinking about my own life >> he says the camp look like a war zone when rescue crews arrived to fly he and others out. he and his two french colleagues talked about the plan before they left. >> skiing the eighth highest mountain in the world >> he is plant, famous for making light of risk-taking but says he is heartbroken that his friends are still missing and presumed dead.
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he was born in livermore but grew up skiing the slopes of lake tahoe. he is considered a pioneer of extreme skiing. >> talks are suddenly making progress and you can guess why when nfl officials finally take the field. >> the to sandwiches you can make at home for less than $1. ,,,, dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools.
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suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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>> it was a full-scale emergency exercise this morning. crews sfo simulated a passenger airplane ditching in san francisco bay. dozens of volunteers played victims. the drill also tested the effectiveness of the new bayside a marine emergency response facility that uses beauts for these types of disasters. it looks like the nfl is ready to cut a deal and get the real officiating crew back on the field. the word is the league and the locked out referees are very close to a written agreement. in fact, there are reports that the real officials might call tomorrow night's game in
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baltimore but a more likely scenario will it be sunday's games. >> mobile 5 is out on the highways where there is a warning all the way from southern california. armageddon to, the sequel to last summer shutdown of the 405 freeway in l.a.. the second chapter is set for this weekend starting friday night at 10:00. caltrans says they need about 185,000 cars off the roads to avoid total gridlock down there. you're looking at live pictures from interstate 280 and as you can see, the signs are already warning you not to plan on going anywhere near the 405. >> what if you do it and nobody shows up? >> there is no reason to leave the bay area this weekend.
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you can stay a couple hundred miles away and enjoy some pretty gorgeous weather. first of all i will show you the beautiful view from dublin and we have many some skies inland. as the tanker goes by under the bay bridge, i will show you some temperatures still chilly in san francisco. oakland 67. on this state just three years ago, we hit the triple digits in livermore, a record high of 103 degrees. we will get warm this weekend once again. clouds are still hugging the coast line making it into the bay this morning and we will see that once again this morning but the sunshine will come out because the first that of the two-step process will start tomorrow. i pressure is moving just over
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the top of us limiting the onshore flow which means a thinner marine layer and also temperature's increasing by a few degrees. the big warmup comes over the weekend and now it will last three days. high pressure to the north teaming up with low pressure to the south, the offshore wind will develop on saturday and stick around for three days and it will get very warm around here, likely the warmest weekend we have had since late july. earlier sunshine tomorrow and friday. highs tomorrow, san jose 80 degrees and 73 in oakland. cupertino 79. upper seventies for petaluma, of mill valley 72. look at the heat that is
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coming. after friday's, '90s inland. close to 100 on saturday sunday and monday and also highs in the upper seventies to low 80s near the bay. with the temperature's increasing the fire danger will also increase and for more on that we turn to roberta gonzales from livermore >> i'm walking gingerly in the foothills because it is still rattlesnake season but i wanted to come out here so you could take a look at this, 5,000 a. surround the lake and what you see? nothing but golden hills. if you take a closer look, it is extremely dry and these conditions are similar to conditions in 1992 when we had the great oakland fire. coming up at 6:00 we will be speaking with a fire captain right here who will be telling us the combination of dry conditions and high temperatures, what it means for
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us and what we need to know to prevent fires. that is all coming up tonight at 6:00. >> we will not see the strong gusty wind but as the temperature goes up the fire danger goes up as well >> a lot of people are trying to save money. what is the cheapest and which to make? julie watts has the results of a sandwich survey so you can stretch for paycheck. >> whether it is a brown bag or an ecologically friendly lunch box, bringing food from home has its benefits. >> healthier food is better tasting >> the biggest benefit is the savings. leonard says that while many prices for individual ingredients have risen over the past year, overall
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>> you cannot be a homemade sandwich on price >> so we put it to the test, buying name-brand ingredients, assembling sandwiches then doing the math. first up, tuna fish with manas. with a few slices of tomato on whole wheat costs $1.21. next up, bacon lettuce and tomato and mayonnaise set us back $1.29. cheese and tomato on whole wheat cost us $1.36 and finally, a salad, and 90¢, in a butter and jelly on whole wheat was 61¢. the recipe for savings, the cost of all the ingredients were each sandwich was still cheaper than the same sandwich made by someone else. just the kind of midday meal that make sense. >> if you are interested we put all of the calculations on line.
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>> we hear a lot about the childhood obesity and a democrat but now, a new problem. complaints that kids are not eating enough. what is behind the apparent paradox. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the new school year has brought new school lunches and that has sparked some protests. some kids with the help of their teachers are biting the hands that feed them. >>
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♪ ♪ >> kids are collapsing from hunger, stuffing their walkers with john food and woefully staring at their lunch trays. ♪ ♪ >> this video is stirring the pot over the new federal lunch guidelines saying there aren't just not enough food in calories and the kids are going hungry. so are bay area school kids also hungry? >> we have not had any complaints at all about not having enough food. >> she says the video is clever but misses the point >> what we're really trying to address that is the epidemic we have of childhood obesity. >> so how many calories are in a school lunch? last year the requirement was 825 and this year it is a range from 750-850. she says that is plenty of food for one meal and designed to
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cover the needs of students active or not. which brings us back to the video which while it stars kids was shot and edited by adults from a small farm town in kansas >> this is a meal program for students so if they say they have concerns i would certainly look at that a different way and knowing he is an adult video with the involve students because i questioned the agenda >> a sedentary high-school student might only need 1,800 cals per day but for a competitive athlete, they could need up to 5,000 cals per day. the new guidelines require less sugar, less salt and less fat as well which takes some getting used to >> is not only the calories but what they're eating >> and how active are you. everybody is different and i think there is a lot of good behind the new guidelines >> caloric intake at different
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times of the day as well. >> school lunches are part of the program but there are breakfasts at many schools and after-school snacks, so is a diverse program. ,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. i school athletes afraid to hit the field. out concussion concerns are playing a factor at bay area football games and why doctors expect see even more sports injuries >> this is unprecedented in every way >> seismologists say it could have triggered the big one in the bay area. the one earthquake that rocked the world. those stories and more at 6:00. >> many people are hope we staying in the bay area this weekend because the weather will be perfect >> saturday sunday and monday, look at that numbers. eighties through the weekend near the bay. >> the cbs


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